The Bosco Youth Centre has been around for a while!
  • 1964 – Meeting convened in July by Father Ciantar to form a Boys Club to promote cultural, sporting and social activities for the youth of Engadine and surrounding districts
  • 1964 – September, Father Ciantar offers the George Nathan Hall for activities which were predominately Gymnastics and boxing – this hall is now the site of the College
  • 1965 – Activities moved to the Parish Hall and Boys’ Town Gymnasium
  • 1965 – Rugby League Club formed sharing facilities at Kareela with St Josephs
  • 1968 – Cricket Club formed
  • 1972 – Soccer Club formed with its home ground at Waterfall
  • 1977 – Factory Office purchased from a firm in Marrickville and relocated to Boystown Fields
  • 1978 – First Annual Father and Son Camp held
  • 1978 – Soccer Club transfers its home ground to Dobell Rd, Engadine
  • 1978 – Basketball Club is formed
  • 1979 – Grant for $20,000 obtained from NSW Government for the refurbishment of the office building and construction of canteen facilities at Boys’ Town
  • 1980 – Baseball Club formed
  • 1982 – Softball Club formed
  • 1983 – Touch Football Club formed
  • 1984 – Father Briffa blesses and opens the Youth Centre Club House – “The Hut” is born
  • 1985 – Baton Twirling centre formed
  • 1984 – A Memorandum and Articles of Association are adopted and The Youth Centre registers as an incorporated body
  • 1985 – Soccer Club secures an additional ground at Old Bush Rd
  • 1986 – Social Group formed for boys and girls in the last 2 years of high school – this was the for runner of todays Youth Matter Group
  • 1986 – Hockey Club formed
  • 1988 – The Netball Club officially becomes a member of the Youth Centre
  • 1995– Summer Soccer Club formed & relocates to Boys’ Town Oval in 1998
  • 1998 – Soccer Club relocates from Dobell Rd and Old Bush Rd to new facilities at Woronora Heights
  • 1999 – Baseball Club relocates to Heathcote Oval
  • 2000 – Hockey Club relocates to Dobell Rd
  • 2000 – Oz Tag Club formed replacing Touch Football
  • 2003 – “The Hut” is destroyed by fire – an act of vandalism


From its humble beginnings with that first meeting chaired by Father Ciantar, The Youth Centre today is the largest single provider of sporting activities for the Engadine/Heathcote area.
Quoting from The Youth Centre’s Memorandum of Association the following clauses should be noted which are embedded in the Salesian philosophy;
  • To afford boys & girls of Engadine and surrounding districts the opportunity of participating in clean healthy recreation and to make Club facilities available to them for that purpose and especially to underprivileged youth and those in necessitous circumstances.
  • To be non-sectarian and non political.
Current activities, which the Youth Centre promotes for all ages from juniors to seniors, are Cricket, Summer Soccer, Oz Tag, Basketball, Gymnastics, Baseball, Softball, Netball, Hockey, Soccer, Rugby League & The Father and Son Camp. Membership and registrations will exceed 5,500 this year over all activities promoted by the Youth Centre.
Whilst the Youth Centre now has an annual turnover of in excess of $600,000.00 most if not all of this is absorbed in expenses and providing equipment and gear for the youth and families of St John Bosco Engadine.
Like most centres volunteers carry out all organisation and work etc.
Cricket – Our cricket centre continues to be one of the strongest in the shire, with the centre this year purchasing a specialist-bowling machine for training. We again this year will be organising with the NSW Cricket Association training programs for other centres within the local Association, and hosting several Gala Days at Boys' Town Fields. Catering from players as young as 5 years of age in development and introductory programs, through to a strong Men’s' Club, the Bosco Cricket Club is a well respected and long serving Club in the Sutherland Junior Cricket Association. Each year we provide several players in local Representative teams and continue to foster the spirit of fair play for all members.
Baseball / Softball - formed in 1980, next year celebrates it's 25th anniversary. In that time, it has provided a great opportunity for players to participate in Baseball and Softball games across the Shire. This year we will be fielding 13 junior and three senior Baseball teams as well as two softball teams. Our complete registration will be nearing 200 players. The Club is proud that we are one of only two centres in the Shire to increase in playing strength over the last three years, and this we believe, is due to the hard work of our dedicated Committee. We ensure that we create an atmosphere of team spirit and sportsmanship for all our players and we are proud of our achievements in our respective competitions.
Oz Tag – Our Oz Tag competition for juniors is the largest in the Sydney Metropolitan Area attracting during the summer on a Tuesday night at the Boys’ Town Fields over 1,200 players
Summer Soccer – The Summer Soccer competition is unique to the Youth Centre with nearly 2,000 players (many players coming from outside the district) during the summer on a Wednesday & Thursday nights at the Boys’ Town Fields.
Gymnastics – Our Gymnastics centre continues to be one of the strongest in the area, catering for nearly 100 girls year round. Over 6 days at the Boys’ Town Gymnasium.
Basketball – The Basketball centre is one of the older sub centres of the Youth Centre. Catering for over 200 boys and girls in both summer and winter competitions. These are held at the Sutherland Basketball complex. The Basketball Club shares training facilities with the Gymnastics Club at the Boy’s Town Gymnasium.
Netball – Netball as most would know has one of the highest participation rates of any sport in the world. Our Netball centre continues to grow each year with now nearly 500 players, 40 new players this year alone. Games are held at the Miranda Netball Complexes. Training was held in the school grounds until this year but with the rebuilding local council courts are now utilised.
Hockey – Our Hockey Club is a Youth Centre initiative for Engadine. Formed in 1986 it is the only Hockey Club in the Engadine/Heathcote area with this having over 200 players from Juniors to Seniors. The Hockey centre has also been instrumental in sponsoring players from the Aboriginal Community and hosting overseas teams particularly from South Africa.
Football(aka Soccer) – Our Football Club continues to grow, this year fielding over 70 teams from Under 6 to Seniors and Over 45. Our home ground is at Woronora Heights where the facilities and playing fields are the envy of many other centres in the district.
Rugby League – The Rugby League Club is considered our founding centre. It has a very strong affiliation with the Cronulla Sutherland Sharks and has over the years provided many representative players.
Father & Son Camp – Started 25 years ago by two fathers and they said it wouldn’t last. Each year up to 400 fathers and their sons gather on the first weekend in November spend a long weekend away down on the south coast.

40th Annual Father and Son Camp 2017

St John Bosco Youth Centre Father & Son Camp started 1978 by two fathers and they said it wouldn’t last. Each year up to 400 fathers and their sons gather on the last weekend in October to spend a long weekend away down on the south ... Read More